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This powerful new tool can help you in countless ways. Use the Daysworth Nutrition Calculator to determine your nutritional status. Just select a single food or build your own personal menu from over 6,000 food choices. The online calculator will determine your nutritional status based on the foods you eat.
  • Keep track of your calories, fat and carbohydrate intake to help with your weight loss goals.

  • Monitor your intake of cholesterol, total fat and saturated fats to help ensure optimal heart health.

  • Watch your protein and carbohydrate levels to make sure you're getting enough for optimal athletic performance and muscle growth.

  • Check your fiber intake to help maintain regularity and prevent uncomfortable or unhealthy conditions.

  • Guarantee your diet includes all of the essential vitamins and minerals you need to maintain good health.

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The foods often eaten at breakfast time.



Some common snacks.


Lunch & Dinner

Foods often eaten at lunch or dinner.



Beverages are important nutrient contributors.


A variety of seafoods, including fish and shrimp.



Fruits are a great way of staying slim and healthy.


Some of the healthiest vegetables around.



Condiments make foods taste better.


These foods are difficult to categorize.



Here are a variety of breads for any meal.

  Cooking Ingredients

These are foods used in food preparation.


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